Sunday, August 10, 2008

mont saint michel

mont saint michel - this was by far the best thing we've done. it's an enormous cathedral and small town on top of a rock where the water from the sea surrounds at high tides. you can actually see the water start to come in and then fill up all around the city. we had to walk through some shallow water to get back to our was so great. we had dinner where we could watch the tide coming in through glass walls . the cathedral literally had over 20 rooms, all more magnificent than the last. in certain rooms, they had people playing a harp, the cello, flute and piano - you could hear it in the halls as you approached, it was magical. heath's dad, rick, and son, mckenzie, were with us and they thoroughly enjoyed it as well :) at night, you can't believe what you're looks too good to be true.

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laura said...

What an amazing story! The cathedral is so so beautiful!