Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mr. Wind

Memorial Day weekend in Ohio

I spent the second half of Memorial Day weekend in Ohio with my family.  First up, a little friendly competition in a game of tic tac toe.

My dad and my nephew Owen

The perfect summertime beverage - limeade

We built a bonfire that night and roasted some toasted coconut vegan marshmallows

First vegetables in the garden

Lots of bunnies in the garden

Our first hot banana pepper

And the first roma tomato of the season

You can see the bloom is starting for the yellow peppers

Tanking down the Elkhorn

Tanking on the's basically what they use on farms for the cows' drinking water :)  They've built custom picnic tables that fit inside to make them more comfortable.  We brought a cooler, snacks + cards (it's a 4-5 hour trip).

Our friends Brian and John...

Our friends Tammy and Pete joined us in their own tank.  We tied the tanks together most of the trip so we could all play cards.