Monday, January 4, 2010



Our holiday trip was full of are a few things that stood out.

I love the idea of a whole wall of these spices in glass jars.

Beautiful presentation of sugar cubes for my morning tea...

Orange & lemon trees everywhere! How lovely to pick a lemon from your backyard.

Cotton displayed on vintage wood shelves.

I'd love to incorporate this rusted metal look on my future home.

An evening in Georgetown

In between York and Napa, we stayed in DC for a night and explored Georgetown...

One of our favorite places to shop in NY is Rugby, and their DC store has a cafe. The food was incredible, but the atmosphere was even better.

Betsey is one of my all time favorite designers!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years in Napa

We spent the New Year in Napa & San Francisco this year with my parents and some of my relatives from France.

We stayed at the most beautiful hotel, the Bardessono, and visited some amazing wineries. It was such a relaxing vacation, I can't wait to go back!

Sushi on Christmas

Once again, we had sushi on's becoming a tradition.


This is how our Christmas Eve started....a 4 hour delay on our flight to Detroit.

This is the plane next to us being de-iced...we were next.

This is what we saw on Christmas morning...the Westin at the Detroit airport, where we stayed the night watching It's a Wonderful Life and eating McDonalds.

We landed in DC and had to take the Super Shuttle to the Baltimore airport to pick up our suitcase (which made our original flight to Baltimore) & our rental car.

We drove another hour and finally arrived at the Miller house in York, PA.