Friday, April 10, 2009

my new tom's

love the concept...and this pair is vegan!

Monday, April 6, 2009


some pics from our new's twice the size of our old apt so we need to buy more furniture to fill it up!!!

an antique flag my aunt from france gave to us this summer

both bedrooms are separated from the rest of the loft by enormous corrugated metal sliding doors

and we have lovely windows lining two huge walls of the loft

kitchen is pretty basic but it works :)

our bedroom isn't finished yet

cherry blossoms that should bloom in the next couple of days

homemade rootbeer

we found a place to get freshly made rootbeer in this oh so cute's the little things.

two weeks in columbus

i spent two weeks in columbus to watch my nephews during their spring breaks. i had such a great time...columbus is so underrated.

i got home from taking isaac to school and my oldest nephew, owen, made me breakfast. so cute.

at my parents' to go restaurant, ely's to go, in boardman

my parents and owen