Monday, October 4, 2010

Emerging Terrain Dinner

Yesterday Heath and I had the opportunity to attend a beautiful outdoor dinner hosted by a non-profit called Emerging Terrain.  Local Omaha chefs came together to create a five course meal from local and sustainable food.  Artists from all over the country submitted artwork to be displayed on the grain elevators to raise awareness about local food.  500 people attended.  It was such a lovely Sunday afternoon.

We started with fresh greens, local red wine or white wine vinegar, bread, local jams, apple butter and pumpkin butter.  Locally made butter, cheese and pate were also available.
A drink was offered to all those who walked, biked or volunteered...we rode our bikes.
My good friend, Elle Lien of Daily Grub (shown below with her partner in crime Joey Lynch), was one of the chefs.  Her course was the only vegetarian course and I was so proud that she was chosen over so many meat-based chefs.
Her course consisted of roasted heirloom squash and apples with a sweet potato gravy and polenta.  People went crazy over this.  No meat necessary.

One of the other courses had a side of roasted root vegetables, which I was able to eat.  They were incredibly flavorful.  The other vegetable sides accompanied the meat, so I didn't partake.  However, Elle's course was enough for me.  I was so happy to be there.

Apple crisp with honey chevre ice cream, carrot cake and sweet potato cake with caramel were the desserts offered.  I tasted the apple crisp, and it was really lovely...roasted apples with cinnamon and an oat based streusel.