Wednesday, July 23, 2008

tree lined streets

this is a tree lined road near my aunt's house. there are so many roads like this...they are absolutely gorgeous! napoleon had all of these trees planted to line the roads so that when the armies marched, they could have shade.

fresh provencal lavender

lavender from my aunt's garden drying in the sun....such a beautiful sight :)


images from barcelona... the market was spectacular! the fruit, the nuts, the candy, etc. the candy shop had great packaging...everything like pill bottles with a pink ambulance symbol that read "happy pills". the tapas were the best part - every restaurant had tapas and so many choices. and really interesting architecture...most unique buildings were by Gaudi. his work is very fairytale like. obviously not heath's taste, but great to see anyhow :) we had a great time! and yes, that's a whitesnake poster - just for my sister.