Monday, October 24, 2011

Screenprinting Week 1

Our 1st screenprinting class... More to come soon! 


I heart this dog.

Financial district

After leaving Wall Street, I walked to Stone Street, a brick street with gorgeous old brick buildings in the financial district. It's a tiny street surrounded by huge skyscrapers and modern architecture. At night, it's beautifully lit and so lovely.

Then I ventured to the Brooklyn Bridge, it was my very first visit. It's not the views that are spectacular, it's the bridge itself.


Last week I stopped by Occupy Wall Street and took a few pictures... 

It was around 9.30AM, not everyone was awake yet. Regardless, the energy was incredible, it was palpable.

They're serious about recycling.

I took this picture because of the vegetarian stand in the background '99% Vegetarian Food', but it's pretty funny how many cops there were just standing around.

Royal Tenenbaum house

I've been wanting to visit the Royal Tenenbaum house for about a year now...

Last weekend I finally did it. Behold...

Car show

Heath and I went to a car show in upstate NY last weekend with some friends. We saw some beautiful cars + a beautiful mansion.

MGB, taken for my dad. He's had several of these and loves them dearly.

Convertible cool.