Sunday, November 6, 2011

Screenpriting . Week 2

For our second screenprinting class, we cleaned our screens (this is more involved than just scrubbing) and practiced stencils.

So, this is how my screen started when I got it. The remainder of the last person's artwork to use it.

We remove the emulsion with some fairly serious chemicals and make sure that everything comes clean, so it looks like this. The ink will stain the screen so you have to hold it up to the light to actually see if there's still emulsion left or if it has just been stained.

We made a stencil from contact paper, just to practice the stencil technique in case you're not burning your screen with emulsion. I made an arrow, Heath made a +.

Again, this is still just practice, but I find that the mistakes actually turn out quite aesthetically pleasing.

Our third class is today, where we'll learn how to burn our screens with our chosen designs. I'll post all about the process next week!

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