Sunday, April 11, 2010

10 Favorite NYC Things

So my friend Lauren tagged me to list 10 of my favorite things. Today the weather is beautiful and it's got me thinking of home and the things I here are 10 of my favorite New York City things.

Pinkberry - The perfect dessert on a hot summer day. The best combinations are 1. coconut, chocolate chips and captain crunch or 2. strawberries, bananas and blackberries.

Sunday brunch at Community Food + Juice - the food is amazing and the atmosphere is so light and airy. And if you get there early or at just the right time, you can eat outside in the warm sun.

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar - I crave their edamame dumplings with lemon soy dipping sauce.

Maoz Vegetarian - Heath and I love to eat here...the broccoli is to die for...I know you don't think broccoli could ever be to die for, but trust me, it is.

Running in Riverside Park on a weekday afternoon - in April the cherry blossoms are out and it is so relaxing, plus I can walk there from my apt. Another great thing in Riverside Park is Hudson Beach Cafe at 105th Street - you can eat, drink and people watch by the river as the sun sets.

Heath and I had a ritual of Sunday afternoon/evening walks through Central Park - the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the best part of New York.

Babycakes - my love for them runs deep.

The Lower East Side - my favorite spot to walk around, explore, eat + shop.
Organic Avenue - their lemonade is worth the trip
Roasting Plant - great coffee + such a cute little place
Kaight - organic clothes and accessories
Suite Orchard - cute shop with an adorable French bulldog
Dolce Vita - great shoes
Moo Shoes - vegan shoes + accessories
Earnest Sewn - lots of very cool accent pieces
Doughnut Plant - yummy donuts made without eggs
The Pickle Guys - Heath's favorite pickle spot
Bblessing - great men's shop
Little Giant - not vegetarian, but they are very accommodating and when they open the windows at night it's practically an outdoor restaurant
Le Labo - crazy good perfumerie
Countless others!

The market at Union Square on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays + Saturdays - Local produce, flowers, jam and honey. Heath and I would meet there after work on Wednesdays and do our shopping for the week.

The Betsey Johnson store on Columbus Avenue - besides my complete adoration for Betsey, this location is where I bought my prom dress and my engagement party dress.

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