Friday, September 19, 2008

provence & the french riviera

here is our route over 4 days

the pope's palace in avignon

our lovely bed and breakfast in luberon...

where they just started harvesting the grapes


one of the many beautiful sites along the coast

we went back to the same b&b in luberon b/c it is so genuinely provence...the atmosphere and the design. then we spent some time with my cousins in toulon and made our way through the riviera. we hit almost every spot...monaco, st jean cap ferrat, nice, cannes, antibes, st tropez. driving along the coast was absolutely beautiful. it's surprising that they acutally have areas where the soil is orange, very similar to sedona, not what i was expecting at all. the towns were so charming and inviting, i'd love to go back when it's warm enough to swim!

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wallowmuddy said...

Wow - so beautiful and peaceful. If Jay and I hadn't just returned from California, I'd be hopping a plane to France right now!